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Light sport LEGEND 600 aircraft (LSA)

The light sport LEGEND 600 aircraft is an all-composite, high-wing, strut-braced two-seater

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LSA Legend 600 is intended for elementary pilot training of PPL holders, and for traveling. Thanks to low operating costs, it is possible to obtain PPL for the cheapest price possible. Great performance and extra utilizable load allow comfortable and fast traveling. LSA Legend 600 is full-composite upper wing monoplane made of sandwich materials. Thanks to modern composites, the aircraft exhibits low empty weight and thus also high utilizable load.

Besides the standard light sport LEGEND 600 airplane, the company AEROPILOT Ltd. also manufactures the amphibious LEGEND 600 airplane with floats. The 1st LEGEND 600 airplane was transported by air from the Czech Republic through Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Egypt to the Saudi Arabia in April 2014.

Wing Span:9,0.6 m
Wing Area:10,54 m2
Length:7 m
Height:2,6 m
Empty Weight:335Kg (ROTAX 912 ULS)
Maximum Take Off Weight:600 Kg
Maximum crew weight:200 Kg (ROTAX 912 ULS)
Maximum luggage weight:30 Kg
Fuel Tank Capacity:110 l (130 l)
Performance:Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP
Speed with flaps:62 kph
Minimum Landing Speed:65 kph
Max. Speed, Flaps 40º:120 kph
Max. Speed, Flaps 15º, 30º:145 kph
Rough Air Speed:170 kph
Cruise Speed (75 %)210 kph
Max. horizontal flight Speed:225 kph
Never exceed speed:255 kph
Range:1300 km (7 hours)
Climb rate (at ground level):7 mps



The Australian dealers Mr. Greg Doyle and Mr. Ed Smith from the company SILENT WINGS Proprietary Ltd. received the Certificate from the Australian Civil Aviation Authority for the first LSA LEGEND 600 in Australia on 11th September 2015.


The US dealer Mr. Deon Lombard of Aeropilot USA received the First of Type Certificate and the Certificate of Airworthiness with its approval to operate the Aeropilot L 600 aircraft as a special LSA from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on 21st September 2016.

Exterior pictures

The aircraft is produced in three design options: basic white acrylic coating, acrylic coating with a glued foil or acrylic coating with a glued foil and metallic coating on the engine cowling.


Interior pictures

Interior design photos of the cabin aircraft.


Pictures in flight

Some views of the aircraft in flight over the landscape.



Video from Mr. Deon Lombard

Video of our customer in Australia

Legend flying over Double Island Point

Outback Adventure Flight

Video of our customer in Mauritius

01 Watts Bridge To Dingo.

Outback Adventure Intro

Gold Coast 5 3 2016

Lightning Ridge



AeroPilot USA

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Silent Wings Aviation Pty. Ltd.



Hi Deon,

I am very impressed with both the flying characteristics and the aesthetics of the Legend. I think it would make an excellent dual-purpose aircraft with both training and general flying usage. It was easy to fly, but an honest aircraft. I liked the fact that you needed to use rudder in turns... that is as it should be and makes for excellent training! It was easy to maintain altitude and airspeed in steep turns and lazy-eights were a joy. I also liked the stall characteristics... even thought he stall was benign, you could actually feel the buffet as the air separated from the wing. That was great and again, makes for a very honest training aircraft.

The comfort was outstanding as was the fit and finish. The cockpit was very generous in regard to room... there was none of the Jabiru claustrophobia! The controls were light, but positive... again, a big improvement over our Jabiru. I also liked the panel and the electric trim... and there is also the BRS system!

The airport board is meeting Tuesday evening and one of the topics of discussion will be the purchase of the legend. I will be there to give a very positive pilot report. Mike Ancona, the board president, was just as impressed as I was. I made a pledge to Mike and to Chris Collins that if the airport would purchase a Legend, I would complete my CFIS certificate as soon as possible. I think we would have more students than we could handle! There have been several informal discussions among the board members about financing the Legend and I am hopeful!

So, I'm very impressed with the Legend and it was my favorite LSA at the exhibition!

Kind regards... and thank you for the demo flight!



The company AEROPILOT Ltd. began to work on the production of the lightweight Carbon Fibre LEGEND aircraft range in 2010, starting with the Ultralight version for the European markets and a plan to move into export markets with a LSA aircraft. The prototype LEGEND 540 aircraft was completed successfully in March 2011 by AEROPILOT. They presented this LEGEND airplane after further tests and refinement, as a production aircraft example at the AERO exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany in April 2011. The LEGEND was designed as an 80% scale version of the very successful Cessna 182, with 2 passenger seating for UL and LSA, but actually has more passenger room than the Cessna and is safe from corrosion.

Having received the government authorization for serial production of the ultralight LEGEND 540 aircraft from the Czech LAA on 18th December 2012, following LAA tests the Czech Type Certificate for the LEGEND aircraft was awarded in December 2012. Serial production continued from this time, with deliveries against the LAA Type certificate and shortly after, with sales in Germany against the more stringent German DAeC specifications and testing.

Based on the export demand for an advanced light sport aircrafts built to the American ASTM specifications with a MTOW of 600kg, AEROPILOT Ltd. began to plan production of the 600 Kg version on the Legend in late 2014. This resulted in the manufacture of the first special light sport - LEGEND 600 aircraft (LSA) in 2015, to an order placed for an Australian customer.

The Australian dealers Mr. Greg Doyle and Mr. Ed Smith of Silent Wings Aviation Pty. Ltd. carried out all preparation and testing for the world’s first LSA version of the Legend, as required by the Australian and NZ regulations. Silent Wings received the First of Type Certificate and the Certificate of Airworthiness with its approval to operate the Legend as a special LSA and consequently as an S-LSA in USA, from the Australian Civil Aviation Authority (CASA) on 11 th September 2015.

Meanwhile in Europe the first of the long distance flights were made in the LEGEND 600 airplane, with the owner flying a new aircraft from Czech Republic through Hungary, Greece, Turkey and Egypt to Saudi Arabia in April 2014. While in Australia with it’s more rugged conditions, the first LEGEND made flights across Australia over Ayers rock in Central Australia in May 2016 and completed a 2,800nm round trip of southern Australia. Confirming that durability, the second Australian Legend 600 made its maiden cross-country flight in July 2016 from Cessnock in NSW to Geralton (some 2,200nm) under very severe weather conditions. Flooding and very high winds were experienced across the treeless Nullabor Plains, a vast scrub desert, over 5 days of flying.

As well as the standard tri-gear LEGEND 540 and Legend LSA 600 aircraft, AEROPILOT Ltd. also manufactures the floatplane versions of these aircraft in lightweight standard floats and amphibious float versions.




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