Technical data of the Legend 600 aircraft

Wing Span:9,0.6 m
Wing Area:10,54 m2
Length:7 m
Height:2,6 m
Empty Weight:335Kg (ROTAX 912 ULS)
Maximum Take Off Weight:600 Kg
Maximum crew weight:200 Kg (ROTAX 912 ULS)
Maximum luggage weight:30 Kg
Fuel Tank Capacity:110 l (130 l)
Performance:Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP
Speed with flaps:62 kph
Minimum Landing Speed:65 kph
Max. Speed, Flaps 40º:120 kph
Max. Speed, Flaps 15º, 30º:145 kph
Rough Air Speed:170 kph
Cruise Speed (75 %)210 kph
Max. horizontal flight Speed:225 kph
Never exceed speed:255 kph
Range:1300 km (7 hours)
Climb rate (at ground level):7 mps